Thursday, June 30, 2016

Improve your listening Level 4

1. Choose a song.  Listen to the song at least three times per day until Monday.

2. Choose two words in the lyrics that are unknown.  Send those two words with their meanings to my email.

3. Write a 2-3 sentence response to the song. Explain the song's meaning.

4.Write a comment about someone elses song that they chose. You need to listen to their song and make a comment.

Please include the title of the song, the artist, and your first and last name.

Billy Joel
Alicia Blankenship
This song is about a man explaining to his child that his love never ends for him. He promises that his love will be continuous and the song will remind him one day of their bond.


Melissa Gomez said...

"The lazy song"
Bruno Mars
Melissa Gomez
The lazy song its about a man that take a day of vacation , he is going to stay all day in his house without responsabilities or work. he just will do anything, He is going to rest all day.

Lounging: meaning rest or take a lazy break
Stare: look somebody direct to the eyes

Anonymous said...

Alicia Blankenship
The song is about a father who promises never to leave his son. He will be constant like the ocean.

Billy Joel

HANNY martinez said...

Song: Won't Go Home Without
Marron 5

This song is about one relationship that ended, but the man would like that his ex girlfriend give him one more chance to make it right, because he wanna to come back to home.


Hanny Martinez

nasser Naaman said...

Un break my heart
by: Toni Braxton
Nasser Naaman
This song won a Grammy Reward. it was released in 1996. In the song she is begging a former lover to come back and undo the pain she feels from him leaving her. it is a very sad romantic song.

difficult words:
(Nasser Naaman)

nasser Naaman said...

I listened to the song my friend choose. (wont go home without you)by Marron5
the singer is deeply sad and asking for one more chance to make it right. he remembers the moments with her and cry himself to sleep.

Nasser Naaman

Anonymous said...

Dalya Hussein
this song is about the memories, it was a love story but they both stayied away from the other then she has tried to call him to say soorry but he did not answer the phone

Anonymous said...

He want to get chance to start there love again

Anonymous said...

Dalya Hussein

Dany said...

Love yourself
Justin Bieber

This song about relationships. The song lyrics talks about how love can blind people. The singer says that as soon as he has noticed that,he has given up on the relationship. He have asked his ex-girlfriend to move on and told her that she has to love herself.
Goodness sake
Phone up

Danielly Mesquita

allan garcia said...

hello this is the song that
I selected

Fear of the dark

Iron Maiden >
It is said that the song refers to the childhood fear of Harris Fear of the dark .who was the one who wrote the song.

Ms. B

Ms. B