Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thing #15

I know that this educational experience is called Library2Play. I am not a librarian or future librarian. I'm a SPED teacher. I have felt that for a long time my technology skills have been subpar; therefore I wanted to change that through this process. I approached the reading material assigned as a reading teacher. From a teacher's perspecitve I can direct my students through the new uses of the library. I look forward to teaching them the purposes and how to's of technology.

Dr. Wendy Schultz said that libraries are conversations. In my heart before participating in Library2Play I felt a little resentful of the changes in the library. The library was more quiet when I was growing up, and I liked them that way, but the classrooms were quieter too. Collaboration is beneficial in education and should be used to connect to community. Teens of today spend an extraordinary amount of time online. I need to be able to join in to their conversation.  Chip Nilges mentioned that readers add value in a Library 2.0 system, and I agree. The reciprocal process of learning in a community enriches teachers and students. Or maybe it blends the lines between the two.

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