Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thing #13

Social Bookmarking.  The first thing I asked myself is how is it different than my favorites, but now I get it.  It took a second for me to understand the purpose, but know I see. I watched the video by the Common Craft guys and now I understand. The benefits to using this site are that the favorites are not tied to one computer. If I discover a favorite, I can access it at home or workjustAlso, as I come across websites that are good I can tag them. These tags allow me to organize all the sites so that I can use them more efficiently.  Teachers can use them to streamline practice of skills or research. Students won't have to type in the web addresses, they simply use the prescribed favorites. Also, if there's a hot shot out there somewherre who has already gathered all the cool websites, I can use their suggestions on where to go. Brilliant!

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Ms. B