Monday, August 2, 2010

Thing #12

I read the advice about blogging and how to create a community of bloggers. Two things stick out the most for me. One piece of advice is to respond to bloggers as they post their comments. To continue the conversation changes the posts from random comments to a piece of dialogue. The second piece of advice is to invite others to comment. Ask for feedback or ask questions. What do you think? Does asking the reader invite more responses? Well, I'll be checking out some other blogs to see how you guys do it.


firefly sb said...

I liked your thoughts about Thing #12. I like the idea of dialogue versus comments. I also agree that if the bloggers asks specific questions readers are more likely to response with comments/dialogue.

AP said...

Glad my details on my blog were helpful. You are doing an amazing job with your blog! Have a great school year!

jlfoster said...

I totally agree with your thoughts about dialogue in blogs. I follow a blog by a person who is very well respected in his field and it always surprises me that he asks us (his readers) for input and the most amazing information is shared through this world wide group!

Keep up the good work, you are over half finished!

Ms. B

Ms. B