Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thing #8

RSS and readers, say what?!?

Who knew they existed. I mean I guess I've seen the little button to subscribe, but I didn't know you could consolidate all of your interests in one place. Organization has always been a struggle for me and this allows me to keep everything I want to keep updated about together. When I get free time, I can spend it reading exactly what I want to read. I don't have to spend time fishing for something new. I can use it at home to keep up on my nutritional interests, and I can use it a school to keep abreast of what other teachers are doing in the classroom. Teachers work alone the majority of the time. Even if a teacher has a teaching team that is truly collaborative, she might feel reluctant to reveal problem areas in her teaching. So, a blog gives educators the chance to examine the real deal. Do other teachers have similar struggles? How many times have I wondered.  Blogs take you to the truth without the filter. Brilliant!

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Ms. B